class tensorflow::Status

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Create a success status.


tensorflow::Status::Status(tensorflow::error::Code code, tensorflow::StringPiece msg)

Create a status with the specified error code and msg as a human-readable string containing more detailed information.

tensorflow::Status::Status(const Status &s)

Copy the specified status.

void tensorflow::Status::operator=(const Status &s)

bool tensorflow::Status::ok() const

Returns true iff the status indicates success.

tensorflow::error::Code tensorflow::Status::code() const

const string& tensorflow::Status::error_message() const

bool tensorflow::Status::operator==(const Status &x) const

bool tensorflow::Status::operator!=(const Status &x) const

void tensorflow::Status::Update(const Status &new_status)

If ok(), stores new_status into *this. If !ok(), preserves the current status, but may augment with additional information about new_status.

Convenient way of keeping track of the first error encountered. Instead of: if (overall_status.ok()) overall_status = new_status Use: overall_status.Update(new_status);

string tensorflow::Status::ToString() const

Return a string representation of this status suitable for printing. Returns the string "OK" for success.

return tensorflow::Status::OK()

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