class tensorflow::PartialTensorShape

Manages the partially known dimensions of a Tensor and their sizes.

Member Details


Construct an unknown PartialTensorShape.

tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::PartialTensorShape(gtl::ArraySlice< int64 > dim_sizes)

Construct a PartialTensorShape from the provided sizes. REQUIRES: dim_sizes[i] >= 0

tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::PartialTensorShape(std::initializer_list< int64 > dim_sizes)

tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::PartialTensorShape(const TensorShapeProto &proto)

REQUIRES: IsValid(proto)

PartialTensorShape tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::Concatenate(int64 size) const

Add a dimension to the end ("inner-most"), returns a new PartialTensorShape . REQUIRES: size >= -1, where -1 means unknown

PartialTensorShape tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::Concatenate(const PartialTensorShape &shape) const

Appends all the dimensions from shape. Returns a new PartialTensorShape .

Status tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::MergeWith(const PartialTensorShape &shape, PartialTensorShape *result) const

Merges all the dimensions from shape. Returns InvalidArgument error if either shape has a different rank or if any of the dimensions are incompatible.

int tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::dims() const

Return the number of dimensions in the tensor. If the number of dimensions is unknown, return -1.

bool tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::IsFullyDefined() const

Return true iff the rank and all of the dimensions are well defined.

bool tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::IsCompatibleWith(const PartialTensorShape &shape) const

Return true iff the ranks match, and if the dimensions all either match or one is unknown.

bool tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::IsCompatibleWith(const TensorShape &shape) const

Return true iff the dimensions of shape are compatible with *this.

int64 tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::dim_size(int d) const

Returns the number of elements in dimension d. REQUIRES: 0 <= d < dims()

gtl::ArraySlice<int64> tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::dim_sizes() const

Returns sizes of all dimensions.

void tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::AsProto(TensorShapeProto *proto) const

Fill *proto from *this.

bool tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::AsTensorShape(TensorShape *tensor_shape) const

string tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::DebugString() const

For error messages.

bool tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::IsValid(const TensorShapeProto &proto)

Returns true iff proto is a valid partial tensor shape.

Status tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::IsValidShape(const TensorShapeProto &proto)

Returns OK iff proto is a valid tensor shape, and a descriptive error status otherwise.

string tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::DebugString(const TensorShapeProto &proto)

static Status tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::MakePartialShape(const int32 *dims, int n, PartialTensorShape *out)

Returns a PartialTensorShape whose dimensions are dims[0], dims[1], ..., dims[n-1]. Values of -1 are considered "unknown".

static Status tensorflow::PartialTensorShape::MakePartialShape(const int64 *dims, int n, PartialTensorShape *out)

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