class tensorflow::EnvWrapper

An implementation of Env that forwards all calls to another Env .

May be useful to clients who wish to override just part of the functionality of another Env .

Member Details

tensorflow::EnvWrapper::EnvWrapper(Env *t)

Initializes an EnvWrapper that delegates all calls to *t.


Env* tensorflow::EnvWrapper::target() const

Returns the target to which this Env forwards all calls.

Status tensorflow::EnvWrapper::GetFileSystemForFile(const string &fname, FileSystem **result) override

Returns the FileSystem object to handle operations on the file specified by 'fname'. The FileSystem object is used as the implementation for the file system related (non-virtual) functions that follow. Returned FileSystem object is still owned by the Env object and will.

Status tensorflow::EnvWrapper::GetRegisteredFileSystemSchemes(std::vector< string > *schemes) override

Returns the file system schemes registered for this Env .

Status tensorflow::EnvWrapper::RegisterFileSystem(const string &scheme, FileSystemRegistry::Factory factory) override

uint64 tensorflow::EnvWrapper::NowMicros() override

Returns the number of micro-seconds since some fixed point in time. Only useful for computing deltas of time.

void tensorflow::EnvWrapper::SleepForMicroseconds(int micros) override

Sleeps/delays the thread for the prescribed number of micro-seconds.

Thread* tensorflow::EnvWrapper::StartThread(const ThreadOptions &thread_options, const string &name, std::function< void()> fn) override

Returns a new thread that is running fn() and is identified (for debugging/performance-analysis) by "name".

Caller takes ownership of the result and must delete it eventually (the deletion will block until fn() stops running).

void tensorflow::EnvWrapper::SchedClosure(std::function< void()> closure) override

void tensorflow::EnvWrapper::SchedClosureAfter(int micros, std::function< void()> closure) override

Status tensorflow::EnvWrapper::LoadLibrary(const char *library_filename, void **handle) override

Status tensorflow::EnvWrapper::GetSymbolFromLibrary(void *handle, const char *symbol_name, void **symbol) override

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