class tensorflow::RandomAccessFile

A file abstraction for randomly reading the contents of a file.

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virtual Status tensorflow::RandomAccessFile::Read(uint64 offset, size_t n, StringPiece *result, char *scratch) const =0

Reads up to n bytes from the file starting at offset.

scratch[0..n-1] may be written by this routine. Sets *result to the data that was read (including if fewer than n bytes were successfully read). May set *result to point at data in scratch[0..n-1], so scratch[0..n-1] must be live when *result is used.

On OK returned status: n bytes have been stored in *result. On non-OK returned status: [0..n] bytes have been stored in *result.

Returns OUT_OF_RANGE if fewer than n bytes were stored in *result because of EOF.

Safe for concurrent use by multiple threads.

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